TeachMeet Melbourne @ Scienceworks

On Saturday I attended a TeachMeet at Scienceworks, hosted by Simon Kelly. It was the first TeachMeet I have attended and it was AMAZING!

I heard from many educators sharing the interesting things they’ve been doing in their classrooms. From book drives to QR codes, all fantastic! We then spent 40 minutes in the Planetarium while Simon showcased the new projector system. That was completely mind blowing!

I left that afternoon completely inspired. I had a vision! This morning when I got to school I placed QR codes around the classroom, all linked to our new unit of Inquiry ‘Where in the world is Werribee?’. I spent some time showing my Grade 3 class how to use a QR code reader and we set class expectations for the technology. I was also lucky enough to get my hands on some iPods, with cameras! Which means students can use these MANY iPods to read the QR codes, rather than just my one lonesome iPad. As a class we decided that these iPods can be used during independent reading sessions, students will scan the the QR code and then read the material that is linked. Unbeknownst to my class we will also be using QR codes to display the work that the class does throughout this unit. Exciting stuff!

We also discussed cloud technology, many students were already familiar with iCloud so it was quite an easy concept to explain. I plan to set up a class Dropbox (as I have done in the past in a 1:1 setting) during the holidays so students are able to save and share their work with one another quite easily.

So as you can see exciting things to come for 3Jess in Term 3!



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