Skype in the classroom

Recently I spent some spare time on Twitter and came across @SkypeClassroom, a global community of educators all wanting to connect with other classes around the world. This Twitter account led me to their website where I created a Skype in the Classroom profile for my class.

After I had created this profile I was able to view, and join, Skype lessons. These Skype lessons have a ‘looking for’ section that lets the reader know if they are suitable for that particular Skype lesson. For example, Norbridge by Night is looking for a class with students aged between 6 and 11 to connect an collaborate with. There is also a brief paragraph about the finer details of the lesson. I was able to read that Norbridge by Night is having a 24 hour blogathon from 9am GMT on Thursday 27th June to 9am on Friday 28th.

I also have the ability to create my own lessons, which I will definitely be doing next term. I plan to create a lesson for our Inquiry unit ‘Where in the world is Werribee?’, asking other classes to share their historical knowledge of their own local area.

Tomorrow @3Jess are very excited to be connecting with @CCMercer‘s class in Nottinghamshire, UK. And in July we will be connecting with students in Argentina, South America and Leeds, UK.

My class have been glued to the world map in our classroom, identifying where their new ‘friends’ live and go to school. We have been discussing what questions we will ask and what we expect they will ask us. I highly recommend using Skype in the classroom!

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