Skyping the UK

Yesterday’s Skype session was a complete success!

At 11.30am on the last day of term 2 3Jess eagerly awaited a Skype video call from @CCMercer‘s class in Nottinghamshire, UK. And it came right on time.

It was 2am in the UK, so the students began by telling us they were very cold and sleepy. They were having a bit of trouble with their webcam, so they switched it over and from there the connection was fantastic! Discussion quickly moved on to the location of our school and the current temperature. They couldn’t believe that it was winter yet still 12 degrees. My class were very excited and began asking many questions, including ‘What’s your favourite sport?’, ‘What do you do for fun?’, ‘What’s  your favourite book?’ and ‘How many students in your class and school?’.

We learnt a lot about our new friends. We found out they have 300 students in their class, they were quite impressed with our 1600!  They barrack for Manchester United and love Harry Potter. They learn French at school and wear a navy blue school uniform. They love to eat pizza and they have a class pet (dog) named Izzy. We even got to meet Izzy! We showed them outside our classroom window, they got to see the streets and houses and around our school. The students seemed fairly impressed.

There was a little bit of confusion when they told us they helpt the younger students at dinner time, but we soon figured out that they call lunch dinner in the UK. That caused quite a few laughs amongst all of us.

Our chat lasted 45 minutes, a fantastic effort by all of those involved! I was so proud of my students. They were all so patient and listened beautifully. When they wanted to ask a question they put their hand up and spoke in loud and clear voices. And there was never any fight over who was going to answer the questions being asked of us, it was if they were all in sync. Of course I had set clear expectations prior to the Skype chat, but their enthusiasm and behaviour just made the experience that much more rewarding.

Thanks to Class Six at Norbridge Academy, it was great to meet you! Be sure to check out their class blog!

3Jess can’t wait for term 3… Hopefully we can hold a 24 hour Skypathon of our own!


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