Firstly, apologies for not updating my blog in an entire year! Although I feel incredibly lazy for not doing so, 2014 has been a HUGE year for me, both professionally and personally.

As you may, or may not, be aware Skype in the Classroom is a big passion of mine. I began Skyping with my class in 2013 when I was thrown into the deep end… A classroom without 1:1 devices (shock horror!). Since then I have had my classes connect with numerous locations around the world including the UK, US, Sweden, Ireland and most recently Cambodia.

This year I organised and held Manor Lakes P-12 College’s 2nd Annual Skypathon. At the beginning of term 2 I created a lesson on Skype Classroom and away we went. We had teachers and schools signing up immediately and within a few weeks we already had 10 schools signed up!

School Council approved the event unanimously and notes went home, they were returned quickly by some very excited grade 3 students.

Last year my grade 3 class and Michelle Meracis’ grade 6 class were apart of the big event, this year however only my grade 3 class participated. I had the assistance of Michelle on the evening as well as another colleague Mark.

Students arrived back at school at 8pm and our first call was underway within an hour. We spoke with a school in Ireland, it was a Mystery Skype. Students took turns asking yes/no questions in order to guess the country each class was from. We then connected with our friends at Norbridge Academy in the UK and after that had a short 40 minute nap. Then we were up and Skyping with Canada and 6 different schools across the US. We didn’t stop Skyping until 5.30am, when 19 students and 3 extremely tired teachers made their way to their makeshift beds in the performing arts room. Students were collected at 8am and much needed sleep was had by all.

Once again my students were extremely excited to hear the accents of all the different countries we connected with, having a giggle every time somebody mentioned we ourselves had an awesome accent.

We kept parents and the wider community updated throughout the night with posts and photos on our class Twitter @3JessMLP12C.

I believe that #mlp12cskypathon14 provided my students with not only an authentic learning experience, but also a chance to explore the world from the comfort of their own school. And if we hadn’t stayed overnight, connecting with places such as the UK and the US becomes almost impossible due to timezone differences.

A massive thank-you to all of those who signed up to our Skypathon, my PLN for their support, Michelle and Mark for having as little sleep as I did and my students for being passionate and inquisitive learners.

Skypathon 2014

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  1. Corrie
    October 21, 2014 at 11:40 am (5 years ago)

    Well done Jess. Another shining example of how you’re using technology with your kids to engage, explore and encourage learning on a global front! Great stuff!

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