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During a recent writers notebook workshop I decided to use the app Tour Wrist as a writing stimulus for students.

Tour Wrist is an augmented reality app that allows you to ‘explore’ locations all over the world via panoramic images.

After connecting my iPad to the AppleTV the class chose which country they would like to ‘visit’ first, they chose Italy. One by one students came up and held the iPad, exploring The Vatican and Colosseum. The rest of the class was able to see exactly what that particular student was viewing via the AppleTV.

We then chose to visit Notre Dame in France, Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali and Portarlington Beach in Victoria. Again students explored these locations; looking up, down, left and right.

Each student then chose a seed idea, being one of the 5 locations and were given 30 minutes of independent writing time. Students were given the freedom to choose the genre of writing they preferred.

The work they produced was sensational. I really enjoyed using this app with the students. They were engaged and eager to write about their seed idea