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Unit 2: Bringing it all together

I like to use note taking apps such as Popplet, Corkulous and Lino to take notes on my iPad during PD and PLT.  I then either email the link to myself or take a screen shot and save it  Drop Box to ensure I have it ‘backed up’ and am able to access the information at anytime and on any device. I always use the same email for anything I sign up to online and attempt to use the same username (depending on whether it is available or not) and password. I keep track of these on my iPad and upload the document to Dropbox for safekeeping. In regards to bookmarks, I have only ever saved these to my browser, on both my iPad and AppleMac. But I have always organised them into folders so I am able to easily find what I am looking for. I usually share any resources or ideas with colleagues via email, or a shared Dropbox folder.

One challenge I have been trying to overcome in recent months is my desire to takes notes with pen and paper. I really like to take my classroom anecdotal notes in this format and have been investigating alternatives for this through discussions with colleagues. However I really do like the idea of using Evernote to take these anecdotal notes and I plan on running a trial in Reading sessions during the first few weeks of term 2.

I think that the teaching of workflow and organisation is extremely important for students. Many people (students and adults) struggle with these concepts in everyday life and when technology is added to the mix it can be almost overwhelming. Something I have never done, regretfully, is explicitly teach students technology based organisational skills. Many of my students in my 1:1 iPad classrooms did place  their apps in folders named ‘literacy’ or ‘numeracy’ etc. on their iPads, but only one or two were using apps such as Diigo. If teachers were to introduce and explicitly teach students how to use apps such as Evernote and Diigo I think it would significantly change the outcomes of student learning in an extremely positive way. There would be less stress over finding where something is saved and more focus placed on the quality of work being produced.

Digital technologies and internet access have changed our lives in such a way that it is imperative we begin to organise our digital selves. As an educator I use digital technologies and access the internet everyday and for many different reasons. If I do not take the time to use apps such as Evernote and Diigo and to organise my browser I am not doing myself any favours or making my workload any lighter.

Check out my first shared Evernote by clicking on the image below!