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Unit 1: Getting started

My name is Jess Gallagher and I am a second year graduate at Manor Lakes P-12 College in Wyndham Vale, Victoria. In 2012 I worked in a Grade 6 1:1 iPad program and this year I am with a grade 3 class integrating technology into our learning in anyway I can. This technology includes 8 MacBooks, an Apple TV, a class blog and class twitter.

I am an avid user of web 2.0. Over the past 2 years I have developed and contributed to class websites to support student learning and integrated social media (eg. Twitter) to share my own and my students educational successes and challenges. I have integrated cloud technology (eg. Dropbox) to share work with my students and give them a space to save their work.

I have worked closely with a number of educators who are extremely passionate about the integration of technology into learning, and this has quickly rubbed off on me.

In 2012 I attended uLearn in Auckland, New Zealand and co-presented on the 1:1 iPad program at Manor Lakes P-12 College. This was a fantastic opportunity as I was not only able to meet many wonderful educators from all over the world, but I was also able to take that next step in my professional journey. Throughout the course of the year I also attended other PDs such as ICTEV. Working at a college that is highly recognised for its effective integration of technology I have also had the opportunity to showcase the way my students use ICT as well as discuss my philosophies and practice with the many visitors that come through. Later this year I plan to attend a Victorian TeachMeet in order to meet people I am connected with on Twitter.

I’m currently preparing with my co-presenter our next presentation for this years ICTEV conference. Based upon our proposal we have been asked to prepare an article on learning and teaching with mobile devices.

The reason I decided to become involved with the Victorian PLN is to expand my current local, interstate and international connections.